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Functional description


The Homepage consists of 5 zones:

  • logo and name of the main administrator(s) of the system;
  • links to feedback page, members login an choice of the language;
  • a space for photos, general information about the content of the site and its developers, news and/or any relevant information that the administrator(s) of the system would like to convey;
  • the menu of the main operations (procedures) that are detailed in further pages;
  • links to contact, browser requirements, Terms and conditions.
Screenshot - Functionnal 01

Bullet 2 MENU PAGE

This page takes the user to the specific operation he is interested in and the sub-categories related to that operation, for example: if you choose Company creation you get the list of different types of companies such as local, branch, etc for which the procedures are detailed in the next page.

The three main zones of the menu page are:

  • the left column, providing any useful information related to the operation;
  • the middle column, presenting the list of sub-operations (sub objectives);
  • the right column, providing information related to sub-operations.
Screenshot - Functionnal 02

Bullet 3 STEP'S PAGE

This page consists of two main zones:

  • the right banner presents the complete list of steps grouped in blocks. By unrolling the blocks the user gets the complete itinerary of the procedure and has a full view of the interactions he should go through to finalize an operation;
  • the left side banner shows the elements of a step in detail i.e. all necessary information for the user to complete an interaction or step
Screenshot - Functionnal 03