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What is E-Regulations ?

A turn-key e-government tool

The e-regulations system is a turn-key e-government tool providing full transparency in administrative procedures.

It allows governments to present procedures online in a detailed and precise way, in several languages.

Procedures from the users' point of view

Procedures are detailed step by step, seen from the users' point of view. Every necessary interaction with a civil servant is considered a step. For each step, the system shows what is the expected result and gives all the information the user needs to know:

  • who are the civil servants in charge?
  • what forms and/or documents are required?
  • how much does it cost?
  • how long does it take?
  • what is the legal justification of the step?
  • who can I complain to in case of disagreement?
    • the information is certified by the entities in charge of each step. It is presented in a visual way with pictures of all public offices, civil servants and required documents
    • civil servants can be reached through the system and forms can be downloaded from the site.

A platform for simplification

Since all steps, forms and all entities in charge of procedures are thoroughly listed, it becomes easier for the Administration to eliminate unnecessary elements, to merge or align forms, and to streamline the process. They can also compare their procedures with other countries and adopt legislations which have given good results elsewhere.