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UNCTAD-ICC Investment Guides
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William Lay, Chairperson and Managing Director of General Motors in East Africa:
"I read the Ethiopia guide on my way to the East Africa Business Summit and thought it was the most professional investor’s guide I had seen."

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairperson and CEO, Nestlé S.A.:
"The last chapter, which tells you what [companies] think, is probably the best introduction to the country for business people."

Lorin Weisenfeld, Principal Counsel, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA):
"In a genre that tends to sugar-coat shortcomings, this publication is refreshingly frank."


The UNCTAD-ICC Investment Guides provide accurate and up-to-date information on key emerging investment opportunities in participating countries with an analysis of the profiles, policies and prospects in selected focal sectors. The Guides, which are prepared in collaboration with governments, national chambers and investors, are a reliable and effective source of third-party information for investors. They are distributed by the investment promotion agency, foreign missions and other government departments at investment events, through investors, legal and consulting firms, and through the International Chamber of Commerce.


Development objectives

By assisting countries to attract quality foreign direct investment they help them attract much-needed capital, technology, management techniques, knowledge of foreign markets and new organizational systems, and add vigour to the domestic private sector, stimulate local suppliers and facilitate economic diversification.

The Guides assist countries to achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 1 on poverty reduction on MDG 8 on a global partnership for development.